About Elizabeth

Elizabeth worked as an Operations Manager in Toronto for over 18 years when the stress, work environment, depression, and eating disorders began to affect her health in negative ways; bringing her to realize that she had to make changes in her life.  In the late 80’s, Elizabeth embarked on her healing journey.  She studied and experienced many different traditions of  Yoga, Spirituality, Meditation, Energy Medicine (Reiki, Warm Stone Massage, Shiatsu, Kripalu Bodywork/ Swedish Massage), Psychodramatic Bodywork, Shamanic Psychotherapy including Sweat Lodges, Mysticism, Movement Therapy, Sound Therapy and Yogic Dance.  Elizabeth left the corporate world and ran her own successful Holistic Practice in Toronto, specializing in Healing and Wellness through Stress Reduction, Relaxation Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Reiki, and Diet.   In addition she specialized creating yoga classes specifically for people dealing with cancer in that they would be greater supported and empowered during their healing journey. She also facilitated yoga retreats in Mexico.

A few years ago she wanted to move out of the city and the fast paced life, so she could create for herself what she offers to others. She moved to Nova Scotia in 2005 and opened Mystic Maples B&B, Spa and Yoga Retreats.  Slowing the pace down once again currently Elizabeth is focusing primarily on offering clients Reiki, Higher Self Living Coaching Sessions, Yoga, Meditation, Warm Stone Massage including Mini Relaxation Spa Days. As well as Elizabeth is a Wedding Officiate, who enjoys having the privilege of meeting couples and creating the perfect ceremony that best suits each couple, having that personal touch. So their special day of marriage will be magical and heartfelt.

Elizabeth draws on an extensive blended background in many yogic, spiritual and healing studies and well as self-inquiry. Elizabeth responds spontaneously from the heart, emphasizing body and breath awareness, as well as the energetic healing effects that are happening in yoga asana (postures).  Whether it is in a yoga class or taking your life to a new level of being through a energy wellness session. “It’s all Energy Medicine.  We are all Multidimensional Beings of Energy. Through Yoga, Reiki, Higher Self Living Coaching Sessions, Meditation, or/and Warm Stone Relaxation Therapy that I offer, one can rejuvenate, revitalize, refocus and re-establish their connection to this Universal Energy which deeply relaxes, releases, heals, restores, empowers and brings one back to balance, harmony, wholeness, strength, clarity and peace. So one can be empowered to experience the best that they can be in their life, which is everyone’s birthright.” This vision,  care and kindness ripples out into whatever Elizabeth does including Wedding Ceremonies and volunteer work that she involves herself in.