Elizabeth’s yoga classes are phenomenal for mind, body, and soul. The practice is challenging but realistic for my body (no headstands!) and really helps me to pause and check in with myself like nothing else does. After a session I always walk away from the mat feeling better about myself and life in general.        Jamie D – Middleton, NS

Yoga with Elizabeth has taken away the pain from my sciatic region when all other forms of treatment failed. I look forward to my yoga class every week.  Bill P – Torbrook, NS

I deal with pain from fibromyalgia. Elizabeth’s yoga classes help me to experience pain relief from fibromyalgia. After her class I feel more relaxed, less pain and generally much better.  Elizabeth is the best instructor I have ever had.    Rosita C- Middleton, NS

I am new to the area, and my weekly yoga class with Elizabeth gives me a friendly, kind, and gentle space to be in connection with others. Yoga is a practice that keeps me honest with what’s happening in my body, and Elizabeth’s invitations to notice and observe help me deepen this.  I also really appreciate her sensitivity and knowledge of the energetic body.  Thanks, Elizabeth!   Megan – Lawrencetown, NS

My experience with Yoga:
After feeling so much pain in my body and for such a long time, due to osteoarthritis, I thought I was at the end of my rope. Fortunately I was directed to yoga classes with Elizabeth, what a difference!
After only 2 evenings I felt already much better and Elizabeth gave me hope again, hope in a future with less pain. I never expected this to happen and I’m forever grateful.
Thank you!  Gerrie – Annapolis Valley, NS

Over the past few years I have been dealing with un-diagnosed health issues. Yoga with Elizabeth has introduced me to mindfulness, patience and the importance of self care.
Her classes have be not only inspirational but very therapeutic for my mind, body and soul. I always leave class feeling a little more peaceful, compassionate and relaxed.
Thank you for sharing. Monique – Middleton, NS

You & your yoga classes have been my saving grace many many times.
Thank you    Janet – Middleton, NS

I would like to say Yoga with Elizabeth has made my memory and focus much better and as a bonus it has made my body stronger. I love the class and look forward to it every week.   Donna P – Torbrook, NS

I discovered Elizabeth’s Yoga classes when I was 47. I had been in constant back pain from Ankylosing spondylitis since the age of 20. I had nervous twitches and my resting pulse was in the high 80s.  After just 2 years of Yoga my spondylitis was totally gone (x-rays show perfect spine), I have toned down my nervous system and my heart rate is a normal 72.  I am now in my tenth year of Yoga. Thanks to Elizabeth I am virtually pain free and have learned to relax and not take life so seriously. Thanks Elizabeth.  Larry – Middleton, NS