Higher-Self Living

Stress Relief  ** Healing ** Replenishing

Experience the healing and empowering benefits of Yoga “Off the Mat” with a Holistic Wellness Session:

Elizabeth weaves her years of experience in Energy Anatomy, Life Coaching, Breathwork Training, Meditation and Ancient Yoga Healing Techniques. Move beyond the “Small Self” beliefs/behaviors in order to Activate and Cultivate Living from the “Higher-Self”….. Raise your Vibration…!! So you can Thrive in your life from a Place of Wholeness, Peace, Clarity and Confidence.

Usui Reiki Therapy :

Reiki – means “Universal Life Force Energy” A profound and deeply healing experience. One is fully clothed and by the gentle laying on of hands Reiki vitalizes your life Reiki Healing Sessionsforce and balances the energies in your body, calms the mind. Reiki can assist in alleviating depression, anxiety, helps one through life transitions and insomnia. By gently clearing blocks in the energy body and mind. One can gain inner clarity, balance, inspiration and have a greater sense of well-being. Pain in the physical body can be reduced and possibly dissolved. These are just a few of the benefits.

Regular Session:   60min    Investment:  $60            Package of 4 Sessions $220


Warm Stone Relaxation Therapy : Hot Stone Massage in Annapolis Valley

Involves using warm oil and heated basalt stones that glide across the body, as the heat penetrates deep into the muscles it soothes and melts away layers of tension and any worries. The heat has a sedative effect on the nervous system, as well as increasing circulation of blood and lymph, brings balance and harmony into the body.  Elizabeth also incorporates Reiki energy and Ancient Yogic Healing techniques to deepen the experience of relaxation, healing and re-connection to your innate well-being. After the session you will feel blissfully relaxed and rejuvenated.

Session:  90min             Investment:  $115

Elizabeth is happy to talk more in-depth with anyone in regards to any concerns or questions you may have on any of the wellness/healing treatments.

Private Meditation Sessions:    The Journey Inward      

Establishing a Mindfulness Practice

This is for anyone who is interested in learning and wanting to cultivate a home meditation practice as well as for anyone who already meditates.

You will be guided through a systematic approach to Meditation, learning ancient meditation techniques in order to have a foundation for your home practice.  If you already meditate these sessions will cultivate a deeper understanding and help refine your personal practice of meditation.

Session:  55min.   Investment: $55    or  Package of 4  $200

Spiritual Coaching Session:

Moving past old limiting beliefs/ stories / habits / behaviors so you can Live a Life you were meant to live.  This is for anyone who is feeling Stuck, Depressed, Sleepless nights, Anxiety, Health issues, Addiction/Abuse, Phobia’s, Self-Worth, Weight Issues, Childhood Issues.  Feeling blocked in creating Success, Prosperity and Abundance or going through a Transition in Life (job, health, menopause, loss, move, etc).  If you have a sense there is something more in life and not clear what the next step is. Then this would be a perfect fit for you.

Session:  55min.   Investment: $55    or  Package of 4  $200